Jelly Manual Feed Pillow Pack Machine

Model: DT - 27 JC

Company introduces Model – DT- 27 JCwhich is highly sophisticate Jelly Wrapping Machine. We developed the machine as jelly behaves & its texture. The company has implemented best technology to persuade highly efficient compact machines for packaging Jelly


Mode Auto
Motor 1 HP
Power Input 3 Phase 415V AC, 50 HZ
System Photo Cell
Speed as per manual feed
Machine Size 2000x800x1500 (LXWXH)
Machine Weight 750 KG.


  •  Designed as per the jelly size, shape, its texture and its behavior
  •  Easy transportation of jelly
  •  Clean edge end seals are produced eliminating bacterial traps
  •  Improved design for simple operation and maintenance
  •  No technical men are required to keep the machine in trouble-free operation
  •  All parts contacted the product are made of stainless steel with teflon coating

Application: Jelly & Similar Products…
Jelly Manual Feed Pillow Pack Machine